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meet our team

Prof. Waqar Usmani

He contribute a lot in industry researches and training and development and several professional bodies and companies avail his services in past. In recent years he leads the "Creative Mind" and try to contribute high quality research and training in industry.

Mr. Waseem Ahmed

The era of change need knowledge and research. Waseem is one of the dynamic person in Creative Mind that he start marketing department with the need of change in business. He also contribute a lot in foreign countries including in UAE regarding similar activities. He introduce the idea that knowledge improve the quality of marketing in business.

Ms. Seema Yasmin

Nothing difficult in this world with efforts of right direction. She believes in hard working, dedication and sincerity in working environment. She leads the department of public relation in Creative Mind. She also contributes in research and training in past in different companies. She also one of the social worker in community based social welfare NGO’s.

Syed Talha Tanvir

One of the energetic dynamic team member of Selact Tech and Creative Mind. He contributes a lot in service industry in past. He start the department of technology under the title of Selact Tech. He also contributes in training and consultancy projects with his best knowledge and vision.